The new 255X series has been designed by Amel, using our 50-years-old experience, to rise and redefine the standards in the electrochemistry world. Reliability and performance make this new family of instruments the perfect choice for the most demanding application in the electrochemical research:

  • biochemical samples
  • analytical studies
  • corrosion tests
  • battery testing

All models ( 2550, 2551, 2553 ) offer several new features which makes it very attractive for high research laboratories: positive feedback control, fast transient response, current auto-ranging or manually, iR compensation, current mode interrupt.

A powerful managing software is delivered with any instrument, and an optional build-in frequency response analyzer provide fully integrated DC and EIS analysis in the range from 10µHz to 1MHz.

Detection AD amperometric detection
PD potentiometric detection
PAD pulsed amperometric detection,
DSA double step amperometry
DSV double step potentiometry
MSA multi-step amperometry
MSV multi-step potentiometry
Voltammetry CYV cyclic voltammetry
LSV linear scan voltammetry
ACV alternate current voltammetry
NPV normal pulse voltammetry
DNV differential normal pulse voltammetry
DPV differential pulse voltammetry
DAV differential alternate pulse voltammetry
SWV square wave voltammetry
GCY galvanic cyclic voltammetry
GLV galvanic linear scan voltammetry
Stripping ACS alternate current stripping
DPS differential pulse stripping
LSS linear scan stripping
SWS square wave stripping
DAS differential stripping
DNS normal differential pulse stripping
PSA potentiometric stripping analysis
CCSA constant current stripping analysis

Technical Specifications:

FEATURES 2553 2550 2551
Counter Electrode
Voltage output ± 45 V ±15 V ±22 V
Current output ±1.2 A max ±5,5A max ±1.2 A max
Slew rate > 10 V / μS 10 V / μS > 10 V / μS
Protection full thermal, overload and short-circuit
Working electrode
Current measure 1A-10nA Full Scale in 9 ranges 5A-0.1 μA Full Scale in 9 ranges 1A-10nA Full Scale in 9 ranges
Current resolution (100 μA at 1 A  to 10 pA at 10 nA) F.S. (100 μA at 5 A. to 10 pA at 0.1uA) F.S. (100 μA at 1 A  to 10 pA at 10 nA) F.S.
Measuring accuracy 0.2 % +/- 0.1% f.s.
Reference electrodes
Imput impedance > 1 Tohm
Input capacitance < 20 pF (with 1 m cable)
Biasing current < 10 pA @ 25 C°
Common mode rejection > 50 dB full frequency response
Common mode voltage range ± 50V ± 10V ± 10V
Input BNC Outer contact grounded
Polarisation capabilities
Voltage ±10 V or ± 50 V
Current ±1.0 A ±5.0 A ±1.0 A
Voltage resolution 200 μV
Max current resolution 200 pA
Accuracy ± (0.2% +0.1% F.S.) worst case
Electrochemical techniques
Polarisation sweep Ramp, staircase, triangle, square wave  Rp, Tafel
Scan Rate 100 μV/s to 10 V/s
Response Time
Potentiostatic mode 1μs resistive load (1000 Ω)
Galvanostatic mode 20μs resistive load (1000 Ω )
Meters and interfaces
Voltmeters and Ampere meters ± 25000 counts 20% overload allowed
Temperature meter -20 + 100 °C with Pt 1000 probes 0.1°C resolution 0.2°C accuracy
Sampling rate 1000 readout / sec (included data transmission)
Digital interface USB with full instrument control
Power supply and size
Voltage mains 115 / 230 V ranges (+/- 10%)
Power consumption 80VA max 100VA max 35VA max
Size 380 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H) 380 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H) 380 x 430 x 90 mm (L x W x H)
weight (rack bracket excluded) Kg 8 Kg 9 Kg 4
Operating mode Potentiostatic – Galvanostatic
Cell connections 2,3,4 electrodes with guard

Accessories and replacement parts:

Polarisation Cells for corrosion testing (ASTM Compliant):

  • Model 595
  • Model 597
  • Model 599

Universal Cells for general purpose electrochemical measurements such as polarography, corrosion, cathodic, desbounding etc:

  • Model 497

Fully programmable via computer with VA-Peak software

In addition to these specific accessories, a complete rage of standard and selective electrodes is available from Amel.